We provide precision laser marking and hard engraving of Form 1 information on your SBR, SBS and AOW. The ATF requires all NFA items to be engraved with the manufacturer’s name, city, and state.  All of our markings are engraved in our standard font at a size and depth to meet and in most cases exceed the federal requirements of at least .062 tall and .003 deep.



Hard engraving: $45

Laser engraving (aluminum/plastic receivers only): $55

PLEASE NOTE: Price does not include return shipping.  Laser marking is not available on steel or titanium receivers.


How to proceed

#1)  Read ALL of the information in the FAQ tab.

#2) Request a job number below. *A job number is required for all services.

#3) Someone from our team will email you a job number and instructions to filling out a work order. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it.

Request a Job#



Can an abbreviation be engraved instead of the entire word? No, only the state may be abbreviated. The ATF requires the name, city and state of the manufacturer be engraved as listed on the form 1.

Can I choose my own font and font size? No. All of our markings are engraved with our standard font at a size and depth to meet and in most cases exceed ATF requirements. To ensure NFA compliance, we will not deviate from this font and size.

Will the bare metal be exposed? We touch up the engraved area with a blackening agent that re-oxidizes the aluminum or steel at no extra charge. The bare metal will be exposed on stainless steel and titanium receivers.

Where will the engraving be located and does the receiver need to be completely stripped? The engraving location and the amount the receiver needs to be stripped depends on the type of receiver. Below is information on some popular receivers. Please contact us prior to shipping if your receiver is not listed.

AR15 type receivers: These receivers require that only the buffer tube be removed. Engraving is done on the magwell on the right hand side, left hand side, or on the front of the magwell. *We do not engrave under the trigger guard.

AK type receivers: These receivers only require that the hand guard and buttstock be removed. Engraving is located forward of the magwell on the bottom of the receiver, or left side of the receiver under the trunnion.

HK type receivers: These receivers are required to be field stripped (i.e. remove buttstock, fire control group, bolt/carrier, and front hand guard). Engraving is located on the upper rear on the right side.

Remington and Mossberg shotgun receivers: These receivers are required to be fully stripped. Engraving is done on the right hand side below the ejection port.

How do I ship? Ship your stripped receiver with the work order by FedEx or UPS per their firearm shipping requirements to the address that was emailed to you when you competed the work order. We are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen shipments. PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:

  • Insure your shipment for an amount that it would cost you to replace the item, and require a signature for delivery.
  • Ship in a rectangular box, not a tube.
  • Wrap your receiver in something that will not scratch the finish such as bubble wrap or an old CLEAN t-shirt.
  • DO NOT wrap your receiver with shipping tape. Please use rubber bands, masking tape or painters tape that can be easily removed.
  • Use a lot of padding/filler in your box.

How much is return shipping? The cost is determined when the work is packaged to ship and varies for reasons such as package weight, box dimensions, and the delivery location. All work is returned with insurance and a signature required for delivery. If you want to request an insured value, or a specific carrier, please note it in the comment section of the work order. You may also send a PRE-PAID return shipping label.

Will I be notified when my shipment is received? No. You will need to keep your shipping tracking number and check with your shipping courier for a delivery status. We will do our best to send an email notification when we receive your shipment but it depends on our workload.

Will I be notified when the work is done? Yes. When the work is complete, we will email you the return tracking number.  We will also call or email you if we have any questions about the work.


Turn down your volume


To leave your review below, you must be the original person that had the work performed, or a verified Innovative Arms Dealer. For verification purposes, the work order number (AKA Job  number) is required to be able to submit a review.

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NFA Engraving Services
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Mack

They did the work right and I received good customer service. I would not hesitate to have them engrave for me again.

 by Jimmy P
Location: TX

I don't like the idea of shipping SBR lowers out of the state but they made it painless for me. They had good communication and the engraving looks good. I shipped it on a Monday and received it back the following Monday. 

 by Monty D.
Location: NV

I used them for engraving on my last two builds. The engraving looks good and I will use them again.

 by Kyle Wilson
Location: Northeast

Engraving was perfect and shipping was fast. They got it on tuesday and I received it back on Friday. 

 by Andrew Marks

Top-notch work. Fast turn around.