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Warfighter Adjustable Receiver

The W.A.R.® is built for suppressed direct impingement 5.56 AR15/M16 rifles. Designed to give extreme advantages to the user, every detriment of suppressed firing of these rifles are virtually eliminated.

Like no other upper on Earth…

The Killswitch® of the W.A.R. is built directly into the upper receiver, meaning that you never unshoulder the rifle or use any tools. The adjustment can even be made in the dark. You can quickly and easily switch from suppressed to unsuppressed, or leave it in between the two settings to shut “off” the gas to manually cycle the rifle, all while keeping the rifle on your target.

The specific location of the Killswitch not only allows for use with almost every rail system on the market, but it reduces the gas just prior to interfacing with the carrier key. This means that the rifle not only sounds quieter to the shooter’s ear, but it also reduces the wear of the rifle component parts from the reduction of heat and excessive fouling.

When the W.A.R. is in the suppressed mode it virtually eliminates the “blow back” in the shooters face, along with the burning eyes and the choking gas. The design of the W.A.R. allows the gas tube to fully pressurize which can make the rifle “feel” different. Most users say that their rifle feels like it shoots softer and smoother. This is the only upper receiver in the world that delivers all these advantages.

More Information

The W.A.R. comes with a forward assist, dust cover assembly and proprietary gas tube in either carbine, pistol, or mid length.  The W.A.R. is designed for use in conjunction with factory ammunition, a quality suppressor, and barrels with a gas port hole size between .084 – .093. Due to the lower pressures of .300 blk subsonic ammunition the upper will not cycle reliably in the suppressed setting.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the W.A.R. ? Forward assist, and dust cover assembly already installed, and one proprietary gas tube in either, pistol, carbine, or midlength.

Does it have a M4 feed ramp?  Yes. The W.A.R. is a mil spec, forged upper receiver, with M4 feed ramps, machined for the killswitch and type 3 hardcoat anodized. 

Can I shut the gas off? Yes. If you place the lever in between the two settings the gas is turned off.

Can I use the W.A.R. with .300 blk ? Yes and No. You can use only .300 blk high velocity with the pistol length gas system in both settings. Due to the low pressure of .300 blk subsonic, the rifle will not cycle while in the suppressed setting. The rifle will always function properly with any ammunition in the unsuppressed setting, even when a silencer is used.

What calibers can I use with the W.A.R.?  5.56, .223, 6.5 Grendal, 6.8 spc, 7.62 x 39, 5.45 x 39, and .300 blk HV.

Can I use a 7.62 (.308) silencer? Yes. However, not all silencers are created equal, and some may not produce enough back pressure to cycle reliably. The W.A.R. requires a quality silencer. 

Do I have to use a special gas tube? Yes, the W.A.R. includes one  proprietary gas tube in either pistol, carbine or midlength. Additional gas tubes are available separately.

Can I take the killswitch apart to clean it?  No. The W.A.R. parts do not require any maintenance, and are not for disassembly by the end user.

Can I buy replacement parts? No. Replacement parts are not sold separately, except for additional gas tubes. The W.A.R. has a 100% warranty. If required, you would send in your W.A.R. upper for inspection, and parts may be repaired or replaced at our facility.

What is the warranty? All products manufactured by Innovative Arms have a 100% warranty.  Warranty & FAQ

Which manufactures have barrels with the correct gas port hole size of .084 – .093?  There are a number of AR manufactures that outsource their barrels, and they may change their sources without notice. Because of this we are not able to list specific manufactures with any certainty. You will need to contact the manufacturer of the particular rifle you are using to verify their gas port hole size.

Customer Reviews

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Average rating:  
 19 reviews
 by M Manovich


 by Simon

Cool invention. Works as advertised.

 by Lester

Upper runs flawlessly and they have great customer service. My barrel had an undersized gas port hole.  I called IA to ask for a barrel recommendation and they gave me instructions on how to drill open the gas port hole myself. It was easy and worked like a charm.

 by Charley

Outstanding upper. Good work gentlemen.

 by Jens Hammer

Greatly reduces blowback, reduces recoil as well. I use it on a 14.5" 5.56 barrel with a suppressor and normally the gas cloud surrounding me is obnoxious. The WAR cuts it down significantly. 

 by Curtis H.

What a difference! Best thing I've purchased in a long time. Thank you for making outstanding products!

 by Russell

I don't know why I waited so long to buy one. Awesome purchase!

 by Bozar

 I am very satisfied with the WAR. Works great.

 by Ryan Willis

I bought one hoping that I didn't wast my money. Well, it works great and was worth the money.  I plan on buying another one for my new build.

 by Allen B

Great customer service. I have a barrel with a undersized gas port hole. Called and spoke with Phillip, he told me how to open it up or that I could send it to them and they would do it at no cost. I did it myself and it works fine now. Using a 16" PA15 and Omega.

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