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Now you’ve done it…

You ask us to build a BAD TO THE BONE integral for the CZ Scorpion and we heard you! The IA-SC9 transforms the Scorpion into the perfect shooting experience. It’s industrial strength rugged, sweet to your ears, and gives subsonic velocities with high velocity ammunition. The integral is user serviceable with the baffles numbered for easy reassembly, and comes with the HB Industries 6.84″ handguard kit already installed.  All the MLOK slots on the bottom can be used and all of the side slots can be used except for the front two slots of both rows. Offered as a complete integral pistol or as an integral suppressor kit that you install on your personally owned Scorpion. Firearm model ,color, and furniture may vary. Specify with your dealer before ordering. Click the tabs below for more information,including pricing, customer reviews and how to order.

NOTICE:  A shorter version of the IA-SC9 is available for pre-ordered by your dealer. This model is the IA-SC9-K.  Heat Shield Sold Separately. The IA-SC9  and IA-SC9-K are not a modular suppressors.  Adding a stock to the integral firearm will make it a short barreled rifle and all NFA rules for SBR firearms will apply.  

How To Order

To order, contact your local Innovative Arms dealer or give us a call at 803-408-9955.

Don’t have a dealer in your area? Use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you.

***NOTE: This product is in high demand. It takes an estimated 8 months to ship.



More Information and Pricing


NOTICE: Adding a stock to this integral firearm will make it a short barreled rifle and all NFA rules for SBR firearms will apply. 

Caliber: 9mm
Weight: adds only 12 oz to the original pistol weight. *IA-SC9-K adds 8oz to the original pistol weight.
Length: Barrel is 4.9″ for a total barrel/suppressor length of 10.050″.  *IA-SC9-K barrel is 3.6″ for a total barrel/suppressor length of 8.050″.
Material: 17-4 and 6061
Finish: Type 3 hard coat anodized

MSRP: $1,975-$2,043 complete integral firearm.  This is for the complete integral CZ scorpion pistol with 6.84″HB Industries handguard kit. Total price for the complete integral firearm package varies by CZ Scorpion pistol model, color, etc.  Give us a call at 803-408-9955 or contact your local class 3 dealer for pricing.


GET THE KIT:  integral/barrel/handguard kit combo. The kit includes integral suppressor, HBI Generation 2 barrel/trunnion and Black 6.84″ flat HBI handguard.

MSRP for the kit varies from $1,248- $1,273






Independent Product Review by X-Ring


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MP5SD -VS- IASC9 semi auto




heat Shield * Sold Separately


Maintenance Video

Customer Reviews

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IA-SC9- Integral CZ Scorpion
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Darren
Occupation: Automotive
Location: Nevada

Love my CZ Scorpion with the Innovative Arms integrated suppressor. My favorite gun. Nothing else needed to be said. Liked the cameo on Westworld season 3 episode 3. Lastly, Innovative Arms is a great company who cares about their customers and the products they deliver to them.

Occupation: Firearms Dealer/Sales Rep/ Retail
Location: TN

Fit and finish is excellent. Did a great job on color matching to polymer. Look forward to see how it runs.

 by Phil
Occupation: Business Development, Phil is aslo a: Competitor/ Shootist
Location: Colorado

Outstanding workmanship and just a fantastic pistol. Innovative knocked it out of the park with this CZ Scorpion... I would purchase another one in a heartbeat...

 by Uzi Does It
Occupation: Firearm Manufacturer (Licensed)
Location: Hickory, NC

Excellent company and excellent product. Phillip does great work, highly recommended.

 by Scott Burris, Lone Star Tactical Supply
Occupation: Firearms/ Defense (licensed) Scott is also a: Competitor/ Shootist, Firearms Instructor, Firearm Manufacturer (Licensed), RSO.
Location: Texas

Appreciate the quick turn around time and professionalism. This an eye catching, conversation starter which is exactly what we want for a demonstration piece. Looking forward to putting many, many rounds through it when we can get it away from customers who want to play with it.


Additional comments: Great attention to detail in your design.

 by Eric Garza

Very impressive. Quiet as hell and just what my Scorpion needed.

 by Paul Doby

It's a jaw dropper. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for making great products!

 by Jacob Ryan
Location: TN

Three words...Classy, Sexy, Quiet!

 by Jeff Carter

This is a top of the line suppressor folks. Beautiful and very well made. The sound is deep and there is no blow back.


 by Fabian B.

I'm still waiting on the tax stamp but have been able to shoot it several times at the dealer's range. First off, it looks even better in person than online. I've gotten tons of compliments on just the look of it alone.  Along with being aesthetically pleasing the suppressor performs flawlessly and sounds great. It's hard to tell sound reduction at an indoor range but it absolutely does a great job suppressing.