Are you looking for the ultimate shooting experience with the CZ Scorpion Evo? Look no further than the IA-SC9 – the BAD TO THE BONE integral that will transform your Scorpion. The IA-SC9 silencer is the perfect balance of strength, durability, and high-quality sound. Its deep, sweet tone is out of this world, and it can shoot high-velocity rounds at subsonic speeds. You won’t find better suppressor performance or reliability. Check out the tabs below to see what our clients have to say. Upgrade to the IA-SC9 today and experience the ultimate in shooting performance.

The IA-SC9 is not a modular suppressor. Adding a stock to the integral firearm will make it a short-barreled rifle, and all NFA rules for SBR firearms will apply.  


This integral suppressor is for the CZ Scorpion EVO S1, S2 and 3+. The Scorpion 3+ model will require professional installation and is recommended to send your 3+ to us for free installation. 

Heat shield sold separately.

IA-SC9-K (short micro size version) 

Caliber: 9mm
Weight:  adds 8oz to the original firearm weight.
Length: total barrel/suppressor length of 8.050″. barrel is 3.5″, the Suppressor is 4.875″. Note: Total barrel/suppressor length is measured from closed bolt to the end of the suppressor. 
Material: 17-4 and 6061
Finish: Type 3 hard coat anodized

Stands out from the handguard by .437″





Install Video

Maintenance Video


Independent Product Review by X-Ring


In Depth Independent Product Review by Military Arms Channel


MP5SD -VS- IASC9 semi auto




heat Shield * Sold Separately


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IA-SC9- Integral CZ Scorpion
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
 by Jim S.

My CZ Scorpion was always fun to shoot, but since adding the IA Suppressor, it is *FUN* to shoot. It actually has a name now... MrGiggles, since the first time anyone shoots it, they giggle uncontrollably! I love how it suppresses everything, from 115g and up. My staple is 147g plated and it is quiet and reliable. I can honestly say that it is one gun that ALWAYS go to the range with me.


 by Justin C.

I absolutely love my IA9SCK! It's stupid quiet even with 115gr 9mm.


 by R, Roy

I have installed on a CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1. Easy to install. Fit perfect. Making additional modifications to firearm before going to range.

 by Andy P.

The integrally suppressed scorpion is so much fun to shoot! Installation is simple and straight forward and I love that I can service and clean the suppressor. It turns heads every time I show up to the range and is my favorite gun by far.
I also have the heat shield installed and I would consider it a mandatory accessory if you're shooting more than one mag. After several mags the shield gets pretty hot still, but it'll definitely keep you from blistering your hand.

 by B. Krack

Loving my scorpion with the IA-SC9. Think it may be user error but the heat shield gets extremely hot after 3 mags. Dealer may have installed it wrong but not holding it against Innovative Arms.


 by Darren

Love my CZ Scorpion with the Innovative Arms integrated suppressor. My favorite gun. Nothing else needed to be said. Liked the cameo on Westworld season 3 episode 3. Lastly, Innovative Arms is a great company who cares about their customers and the products they deliver to them.

Fit and finish is excellent. Did a great job on color matching to polymer. Look forward to see how it runs.

 by Phil

Outstanding workmanship and just a fantastic pistol. Innovative knocked it out of the park with this CZ Scorpion... I would purchase another one in a heartbeat...

 by Uzi Does It

Excellent company and excellent product. Phillip does great work, highly recommended.

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