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IASW Information

All NFA promotions are restricted to legal citizens of the United States that reside in the US and are 21 years of age or older. They must have a clean criminal record and reside in a state that allows ownership.  All NFA rules apply. All NFA items must be shipped to the winner’s class 3 dealer, per ATF requirements. The dealer is responsible for completing the transfer to the winner and provide all the required ATF forms. All dealer fees and $200 NFA tax stamp are the responsibility of the winner. Additional state/local laws and requirements may apply. Please contact your local class 3 dealer for transfer questions and for information on your state/local laws and requirements.

*By entering NFA promotions you are stating that you are a legal citizen of the United States, that you reside in a state that allows ownership and that you are at least 21 years of age with a clean criminal record.

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If you have issues when trying to enter the promotion there are three common fixes.

(1) Enter the promotion by a computer instead of a mobile device.

(2) Enter the promotion by a mobile device instead of a computer.

(3) Change your social media settings to allow your participation in promotions.

(4) Clear the cache and cookies on your computer.

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