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If you have any questions, do not use this product and contact us for clarification.


What ammunition should I use with my Shepherd .45?

  • You can use almost any factory ammunition that you want that is .45 cal on down in size, velocity, energy and pressure, and is the correct ammunition for the firearm. For 300blk, use subsonic ammunition only.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

What is the fixed barrel spacer used for?

  • The fixed barrel spacer is used on firearms with fixed barrels, such as rifles and submachine guns. This piece is used in place of the booster spring and used with the piston. It is needed to use the Lex, 9SX 9mm silencers and Shepherd .45 silencer on fixed barreled firearms.

Does the silencer void my firearm warranty?

  • The silencer should not void your factory warranty. We recommend reaching out to the firearm manufacturer for their specific warranty information.

What is my silencer warranty?

Your Shepherd silencer has a limited 100% warranty and beyond. Warranty Information

What is the “beyond” part of my silencer warranty? 

The beyond services are for the original Shepherd owner with an approved Form 4 tax stamp and LE Agencies on a Form 5 but with limitations. 

  • If you have damage to your silencer caused by user error we will repair your Shepherd one time at no charge if the serial number and tube are not damaged and it is repairable.
  • Once a calendar year you may send your silencer back to our facility for maintenance. We will clean and inspect your Shepherd silencer at no charge. The only cost to you is the cost of shipping. This service DOES NOT replace the required cleaning and maintenance that you have to perform after every shooting session (not to exceed 300 rounds). If we feel that you are not performing the required cleaning of your silencer, we reserve the right to charge a fee or refuse to service your Shepherd.
  • At your pleasure you may send your Shepherd silencer back to our facility for baffle replacement. We will remove your current baffles and install new ones . There is a fee for this service that varies in price due to inflation and material costs. 
  • The first 12 months of owning your Shepherd you will receive 10% off our barrel threading, pin/weld of I.A. silencers and Form 1 NFA engraving services. You will also receive 20% off apparel, and 15% off regular priced accessories in our online store. You will need to register your silencer here to receive these discounts.