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If you have any questions, do not use this product and contact us for clarification.


Read before using your Mojave

  1. What’s in the box? Your silencer comes with everything needed for a standard 50BMG firearm with a threaded barrel right out of the box. The box includes the suppressor, mount, decal and QR code and direct link to information online. The thread pitch of the silencer mount is listed on the silencer box.
  2. Safety first! Before you install your silencer to the firearm make sure the firearm is unloaded, the magazine is removed, the bolt/chamber is open and locked back and you have visually and physically checked that the firearm is unloaded. Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  3. For your first install of your silencer onto each firearm, we recommend that you have a qualified gunsmith install your silencer and check the bore alignment before you shoot it. This should be performed with every firearm that you will be shooting your silencer on for the first time.

Quick Start

  • Add a locking agent (such as Loctite) to your clean barrel threads. Make sure your barrel is threaded the same thread pitch as your muzzle brake.
  • Thread your Mojave muzzle brake onto the threads of the firearm barrel hand tight. Then bump it with a wrench.
  • Thread your Mojave silencer onto the clean threads of the Mojave muzzle brake that is securely on your barrel.
  • Check bore alignment by using a bore gauge.
  • During your shooting session, periodically stop and check that your silencer is still tightly secured to the firearm barrel. Make sure the firearm is unloaded and use a heat-resistant glove, it’s hot.