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Compact, lightweight and QUIET… Just a few of the words you’re going to say when you shoot with your new MOJAVE™.  Be sure to check out the video to hear it for yourself.

Giving absolute performance in all areas of suppressed fire, the MOJAVE makes shooting your rifle absolutely pleasant, not only for you but also to any bystanders.
The high-efficiency and strength of the monocore design, extremely reduces the sound signature and concussion with an added bonus of outstanding flash and recoil reduction. The high-efficiency and strength of the MOJAVE comes in part from its core design that’s machined from billet bar stock and has no internal welds. The MOJAVE comes with its own two port muzzle break and is available in Black, Brushed Stainless, Flat Dark Earth, Burnt Bronze, and OD Green. Click the tabs below for more information, including pricing customer reviews and how to order.

How To Order

To order, contact your local Innovative Arms dealer or give us a call at 803-408-9955.

Don’t have a dealer in your area? Use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you.


More Information and Pricing

Caliber: .50 BMG
Weight: 5lbs 3oz               
Length:14”    Added Length: 10.75”
O.D: 2.420″
Material: 4130/4140 Chromoly Steel
Finish: Black, OD Green, FDE, Burnt Bronze, or Brushed Stainless
TPI: 7/8 X 14
DB Reduction: 35

MSRP: $2,268

2 Port Muzzle Break

Weight: 10.8 oz
4140 Chromoly Steel




Mount Installation


*Your barrel must be threaded either 7/8 x 14, 1 x 14, M25x1.5 or M24x1 depending on your Mojave muzzle brake.

*Remove existing shims and muzzle device, if any. Make sure that the muzzle threads are clean.

*Test the thread engagement by threading on the mount by hand, and verify that the shoulder of the barrel and mount have a flush contact. Then, remove the mount.

* Install the provided shims, and re-test the thread engagement, and port alignment by threading on the muzzle brake hand tight, with the muzzle brake mount ports at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. Verify the shoulder of the barrel and muzzle brake mount have a flush contact. Then, remove the muzzle brake mount, but leave on the shims.

*Apply a high strength thread locker to the threads of the barrel. We recommend Loctite Red 271™. Thread on the muzzle brake mount. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the muzzle brake mount on to the barrel and be sure to align the muzzle brake mount ports at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. Allow the thread locker to dry before mounting the Mojave.

Customer Reviews

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Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Samuel B.

My key decision makers on choosing the Mojave were sound and recoil reduction, size and manufacturer warranty. This unit delivered all mentioned and then some. It's easy to mount, available in my rifle color (FDE), and the customer service is awesome. They know what they are doing at IA and I highly recommend their products and the company as a whole.

 by Paul J.

Compared my Mojave against my neighbors AAC Cyclops...the Mojave smoked it! The recoil and sound reduction are substantial, and it's about 2 inches shorter.

 by Daniel
Location: AZ

This is an amazing suppressor. My dealer personally owns a Mojave and let me test his out before I bought one. It honestly blew me away (no pun intended). It cuts the recoil by at least 50% and makes it sound like an unsuppressed .22lr. I am not joking. If you are looking for a 50 cal suppressor the Mojave is it.

 by Jeff Cook
Occupation: Professional Services, Jeff Cook is also an: Avid Shooter
Location: NV

This thing makes my rifle drive like a Cadillac, SMOOTH. Seriously tames the recoil. Sounds quieter than a 223.

 by Rob Tiner
It's that Quiet
Occupation: Construction/Facilities
Location: It's HOT here

No one even knows that there is a 50 cal rifle on the range, because it's that quiet. They come up and ask me if I'm going to shoot that 50.... I already did, they just didn't realize it!

 by Jacob Burke
Location: GA

I’ve been doing research for a suppressor for my barrett 99, but never heard of the Mojave. I thought my mind was made up on which suppressor, but then I attended the NFA review shoot last weekend. Innovative Arms was there with all kinds of great stuff, including the Mojave 50 on the same rifle. They let me try it out and I was blown away. There were a couple other manufacturers giving demos of their 50 suppressors, but the Mojave was the shining star for me. The mounting system is robust and easy, it’s light, short and the quietest one I’ve seen/heard so far. This has to be one of the quiets 50 cans there is (in my opinion), it has a deep sound to it. I went to my dealer and wrote a check Wednesday. Now I just have to wait 6 months for the tax stamp to bring it home. I’ll post again if I run into any issues, but I feel pretty confident that I made the right choice.