Due to our current manufacturing workload we have suspended the sight upgrade until June 4th 2018. Please contact us during the last week of May 2018 for a job number. Thank you.
The sight upgrade is available for the Ruger LCP, LCP II (excluding custom model), Taurus TCP, and the second generation Keltec P3AT and P32. We have been upgrading the sights on these pistols for civilians and Law Enforcement officers across the nation since 2007. With an eye for detail, our craftsman take the time to ensure proper fit, sight picture, and finish.

The sight upgrade includes, front night sight, plain notch rear sight with cocking serrations, sight installation and Parkerized refinishing of the slide. The additional options are, barrel and feed ramp polishing or Blackening, and color finishes.

Please review the detailed information in the tabs shown below, and contact us for a job number prior to shipping. 

Due to our current manufacturing workload we have suspended the sight upgrade until June 4th 2018. Please contact us during the last week of May 2018 for a job number. Thank you.

 32NAA Conversion Barrel

Request A Job Number

Request a Job#

Due to our current manufacturing workload we have suspended the sight upgrade until June 4th 2018. Please contact us during the last week of May 2018 for a job number. Thank you.



More Information

How to proceed

Due to our current manufacturing workload we have suspended the sight upgrade until June 4th 2018. Please contact us during the last week of May 2018 for a job number. Thank you.

#1)  Read ALL of the information in the FAQ tab.

#2) Request a job number. We will respond with a job number, and information on how/what to ship. A job number is required for all services.

#3) Once you have a job number, complete the work order directly on the website and hit “Submit / Email Me My Copy” at the bottom. The completed work order will be emailed to you. Go to your emails and print out the work order and include it in your shipment. Check your spam folder if you do not see the email.

#4) Ship us only the following items: slide, barrel, work order, and payment including return shipping (if paying by check). If paying by credit card we will contact you when the work is complete for your payment information.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


What do I include in my shipment?

You will send us the slide, barrel, work order and payment (if paying by check or money order).  If paying by credit card, we will give you a call for your card information once the work has been completed. 

Do I need to remove the firing pin and spring from the slide?

No. You do not need to remove the firing pin and spring. 

How much insurance should I add to my shipment?

We recommend adding enough insurance to replace the entire pistol if the slide and barrel become lost during shipping. We are not responsible for lost shipments.

How does Innovative Arms send shipments?

We ship through your choice of either USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx. All shipments will have insurance, and signature required for delivery.

What’s the current turn-around time?

The current turn around-time is estimated between 2-3 weeks.

How do I know if my Kel-Tec P3AT or P32 is second generation?

Please contact the manufacturer www.keltecweapons.com to verify. You will need your pistol serial number. 

What other services are offered for these pistols?

The sight upgrade is the only service that we offer.

What sights are used in the upgrade?

The front sight is a newly manufactured Trijicon night sight. The rear sight is a plain notch sight with cocking serrations that is manufactured by us, in-house.

Are there any sight options?

No. The sights are not offered in any other configuration. There are no rear sights currently on the market that will accommodate the design of the slide. We manufacture the rear sight specifically for this sight upgrade and do not offer a variation.  There are no front sights currently on the market that will accommodate the slide except for the front night sight that we currently use.

Are the sights available for purchase without installation?

No. The sights are only offered as a complete upgrade to your slide.

Are the sights adjustable?

The rear sight is adjustable for windage.

Can the sights be installed on the Ruger LCP “custom” model?

No. Ruger cuts the slide on the “custom” model in such a way that will not allow for our sight upgrade.

My slide is engraved, will installing the sights affect the engraving ?

Yes, depending on the engraving. We suggest emailing us an image of your slide so we can tell you for sure.

Do I need to send the barrel even if I don’t want it polished?

Yes. The barrel is required to assure proper fit after the sights are installed and the slide has been refinished. If you do not include the barrel in your shipment you may have fitting issues with the slide.

What’s the benefit of polishing the barrel and feed ramp?

Polishing the feed ramp assists with smooth ammo feed. Polishing the barrel is purely for aesthetics.

Does the slide have to be refinished?

Yes, unless the slide is stainless steel. Refinishing of the slide is required due to the machining process to install the sights. Please be aware that some owners believe that their slide is stainless steel when it is actually chrome and will require refinishing. If you are not sure if your slide is stainless steel, we can verify when we receive it, or you can contact Ruger with your pistol serial number for verification from the manufacturer.

I have a Chrome slide, will the slide still need to be refinished?

Yes. When we machine on the slide to install the sights the chrome finish will be compromised and the entire slide will need to be refinished to prevent rusting.

Which is a better finish, parkerizing or moly resin?

Both parkerizing and the moly resin finish are as durable, if not more durable, than the factory finish. Parkerizing and the moly resin (in the Satin Black color) look almost identical to the factory finish. The moly resin finish is the most popular of the two finishes because it holds up better in the conceal carry environment.

What’s the difference in between the moly resin colors finishes, other than just the color difference?

There is no difference in durability between any of the moly resin colors. The only thing to be aware of is that lighter colors may show dirt and residue more than a darker color.



Due to our current manufacturing workload we have suspended the sight upgrade until June 4th 2018. Please contact us during the last week of May 2018 for a job number. Thank you.

*The sight upgrade is $175. It includes sights, installation, and a parkerized finish.

*Shipping & handling is $13. We ship by US Priority mail, with insurance, and a signature required for delivery.

Additional options:

Polishing of the barrel and feed ramp is an additional $15.

Satin Black resin finish instead of the parkerized finish is an additional $15.

Colored resin finish instead of the parkerized finish is an additional $25. The color options are Brushed Stainless, OD Green, FDE, or Burnt Bronze.

Customer Reviews

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Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Marc on Sight Upgrade
Location: Oregon

Very happy with the sight upgrade on my P3AT. Will be sending my LCP in as soon as they start up doing the upgrades again....

by Matt J. on Sight Upgrade

Beautiful work and good communication.  I was quoted 2-3 weeks and received it back on day 13. I will recommend this company.

by Wes on Sight Upgrade
Occupation: Law Enforcement/Security, Wes is also: Law Enforcement/ Military
Location: Georgia

I elected to have my P3aT upgraded with the sights and Parkerize finish with the barrel/ramp polished. Excellent workmanship and even called to answer my follow-up questions. I shot 100 rounds at the range today with no functional issues to report. Thanks Innovative Arms.  

by Vincent Giordano on Sight Upgrade
Occupation: Law Enforcement/ Military, Vincent Giordano is also: Law Enforcement/Security
Location: USA

I received my LCP back last week ahead of schedule after getting the sight upgrade and I was really impressed with the fit and function of the sights as well as the flawless Parkerizing job Innovative Arms did on my weapon. The sight picture was drastically upgraded and made it very easy to qualify with the weapon at 25 yds. I am confident I can defend myself in low light now as well and not just at contact distances should my primary weapon go down or get taken in a struggle. 

by Fred Miller on Sight Upgrade

LCP now has great sights! My older eyes could not pick up on the original sights. Quick turnaround too!

by Rich W on Sight Upgrade
Occupation: Transportation/Logistics
Location: WI

Wow! What an improvement to my LCP!!! I need to get out to the range this weekend to try this out. Top-notch work. Without even shooting I will say this is well worth the money.Thanks for resuming this upgrade.R-LCP_sights01-Copy  

by LJunious on Sight Upgrade
Occupation: Government/Military, LJunious is also: Law Enforcement/ Military
Location: New Mexico

Sight upgrade was completed ahead of scheduled time. Shipping was lightning fast. Quality of work and new finish is second to none. The staff is very professional and extremely customer service oriented. They transformed my "last ditch effort micro-pistol" into an extremely formidable competitor. My TCP is now my go to pistol due to size, improved sights, and increased reliability thanks to Innovative Arms. You guys are AWESOME! I will be referring anyone who has any of these pistols. Additional information from LJunious: USAF Veteran. OIF/OEF Veteran.  LJ-TCP-Upgrade

by Shurn Davis on Sight Upgrade
Location: Virginia

I'd like to thank Innovative Arms for the awesome job on the sight upgrade for my Taurus TCP. It looks better and shoots better. Thanks! 8817-SD-01-2  

by Paul Weaver on Sight Upgrade

Beautiful work. The sights are perfect, just what my LCP needed.  A+ for customer service, and workmanship.

by Lou Segers on Sight Upgrade
Occupation: Other

WOW, what a difference these sights made for me. The sights are easy to pick up on and my groups are considerably smaller that what they were before. Thank you for offering these sights and for the great customer service.

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